About Us

28th World Congress on Diabetes, Obesity & Heart, held during August 20-21, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan with  theme “Pioneering Spirit of enriching lives with Critical Diabetic & Heart Care”.

This Diabetes & Heart Experts Conference 2018 includes Keynote presentations, Speaker talks, Poster presentations, Exhibition, Symposia and Workshops. This congress will help in networking and teaming up with diabetes, obesity and heart experts, leading renowned speakers, cardiologists, diabetologists, nutritionists/ dieticians, doctors, scientists, physicians, surgeons showcasing their research from USA, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Denmark, Canada etc. Be a part of this exciting event where innovations, advanced practices and researches on various divisions of Diabetes, Obesity and Heart shared and discussed by experts across the globe.

Sessions and Tracks


Diabetes and Endocrine Complications Heart Diseases & Disorders Obesity Complications and Management
Cardiac Surgery & Tranplantation Metabolic syndromes Genetic link of Diabetes, Obesity and Heart
Diabetes induced Heart Complications Obesity & Surgery Obesity & associated Health disorders
Diabetes & Obesity in Children Nutrition, Diet & Exercise Diabetes and Cardiac Nursing
CardioMetabolic Syndromes Diabetic Foot & Ankle Diabetes & Heart Monitoring Management
Obesity and Maternal Fetal Medicine Eating Disorders Biomarkers: Diabetes, Obesity & Heart
Diagnosis and Prevention Pediatric Cardiology Clinical Diabetes : Case Reports & Studies
Research and Developments Diabetes & Dental treatment Clinical Cardiology : Case Reports & Studies
Diabetes and Skin problems Obesity & Cancer Devices, Digital Aids & Technology
Insulin pumps and Therapy Medical Weight Loss Diabetes - Surgery & Transplantation
Epidemiology and Public Health Diabetes in Animals Naturopathy & Alternative Medicine

Why to Attend?

  • Opportunity to meet world’s Diabetes, Obesity & Heart Experts
  • Keynote forums by renowned Physicians & Professors
  • Plenary talks and Poster presentations by global experts
  • Best platform for Global business and networking opportunities
  • Oral & Poster presentations by Young Researchers
  • Best poster & Young Research Forum awards

Who to attend?

Diabetes Health Professionals
Medical colleges
Academic researchers
Research Institutes
Diabetes Societies & Associations
Obesity Societies & Associations
Heart Societies & Associations
Medical & Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical devices & companies